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Even if the scope is expanded

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摘要: Onceuponatime,HollywoodblockbusterswereregardedasthestandardbyChineseaudiences,butnowthingshavechanged.AmongthetoptenChinesefilmsattheboxofficein2021,......
Once upon a time, Hollywood blockbusters were regarded as the standard by Chinese audiences, but now things have changed. Among the top ten Chinese films at the box office in 2021, only Speed and Passion 9 and Godzilla vs King Kong entered. Even if the scope is expanded to the top 30, Hollywood works only occupy six seats. You know, just four years ago, the number was three times that of today

From 007: No Time to Die, Dune to Batman and Mysterious Sea, Hollywood films released in China in recent years have not achieved the expected box office results. Therefore, at the recent "China's 10 Years" series of news conferences, foreign journalists said: "Is it because the censorship has become stricter that Hollywood films cannot be sold in China in recent years.

From cowboy to superhero

History of "American Film"

Speaking of Hollywood movies, primary school students can also roughly write the outline of the script. The strong white men of the American middle class are threatened by the black evil forces (political struggle, terrorists, alien technology, etc.). At least one successive beauty and teammate with different skin colors around him gradually realized his self-worth, and finally defeated his opponent and saved the country, the country and the skin color through handsome fighting, car racing, gunfight and hand to hand combat

From the War of Independence to the westward movement, from the Civil War to the two world wars, and then to the local wars of all sizes after World War II, in the history of the United States for more than 200 years, there is hardly a day that can not go by, so that the people instinctively worship the individual heroes with high military value

In 1903, a film called "The Great Train Robbery" was released in the United States. Although it only lasts for 10 minutes, it involves many themes such as industrial revolution, police theme, western drama, etc. The story of the sheriff fighting with the train robbers is considered the origin of the American lonely hero film. About 10 years later, MGM, Paramount, 20th Century Fox and other film companies gathered in Hollywood and began to turn films into streamlined industrial products. They brought a large number of western films onto the screen, making the brave, brave and romantic western cowboys the first generation heroes of the American people.

In the 1950s and 1960s, the traditional western films began to decline. Both audiences and film companies needed new heroes to come forward and save their American dream. Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea fire in 1951 made Santiago, a grandfather who had experienced blockade but did not give up, popular in the United States, and also established the image of a new generation of "tough guy". Influenced by the World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War, the hero in "The Tough Guy" began to be subject to the theme of war. A muscular man with Gatling in his hand and floating guns on his back who could be an independent teacher became a regular audience on the screen. Representative figures include Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, etc.

Such films of war hardliners also appear occasionally today, but falling from the altar is inevitable. The inflection point occurred in the 1980s. During this period, a lot of science fiction literature was born, as well as many films with such themes as "Blade Runner", "E.T. Aliens" and "010-010" that we talked about a few days ago. The most difficult thing is, yes, today's superheroes.

In fact, famous superheroes such as Batman and Spiderman have long been adapted into films, but they were only used as a foil in the era of "War Hardman" due to special effects and technical level. By 2008, the film Tron, produced by Marvel who was half alive at that time, had not only won nearly 600 million box office worldwide, saved Marvel itself, but also created a new era of American lonely hero films.

But when you take apart the packaging and gimmicks, you will find that the characteristics of western cowboys, war hardliners and superheroes have never changed. Natural endowment, yearning for freedom, advocating freedom, absolute justice, cool and handsome, accompanied by beautiful women... It won't take much time. Superheroes will also be replaced by any species. This must also represent the constant personal heroism values in the minds of Americans.

From imitation to self formation

Chinese heroes on the big screen

In fact, the American people are not the only ones who can become "tough guys". We also love them. Movies can satisfy people's original desire to pursue visual pleasure. With the image of a tough guy staring at by a man, they can be comfortable, safe and enjoyable—— The word is "refreshing". In the article "Iron Man", Dr. Li Qijun enumerated the tough guy images in domestic films of different ages in the last century:

In the 1950s, heroes: Zhao Dan and Sun Daolin

In the 1950s, Hong Kong and Taiwan tough guys: Wang Yin, Ke Junxiong, Ou Wei

In the 1960s, Wang Xingang, a tough soldier

In the 1970s, Kung Fu: Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Louis Koo

In the 1980s, the rough/just and evil tough guy:

Yang Zaibao, Tao Zeru, Li Youbin, Ren Dahua, Wang Qingxiang, Zhou Runfa

In the 1990s, tough policemen:

You Yong, Yu Rongguang, Zhang Fengyi, Li Nan

In this way, the temperament, life experience, skills and deeds of these "domestic tough guys" at that time had Chinese characteristics. However, the impact of Hollywood movies is fatal—— In 1994, China Film reached an agreement with Warner Brothers of the United States to introduce the first Hollywood film, The Semiotic Study of Chinese Film and Television Stars. At that time, the average ticket price of Chinese films was 6 yuan, and "Desperado" sold for 15 yuan. It was shown in six cities, including Beijing and Shanghai, with a per capita monthly salary of several hundred yuan. In 1996, the top ten Chinese box office rankings were filled with 8 Hollywood films

Even if it is "learning from others", we must also save lives. Since the audience eats this, domestic films can only be China's "lone heroes". Among them, the most representative works are "Desperado" series. Wu Jing neutralized the American meaning of the theme of "Lonely Hero" with the national feelings of Chinese people. With the resilient scenes and excellent production support team, 336666 won the box office champion in Chinese film history.

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However, at the end of last year, the champion of "War Wolf 2" was overtaken by "Changjin Lake", which is actually a sign that the domestic "hero films" are changing - in the field of "order" films, "Changjin Lake", "Red Sea Action", "800" and other "heroes" films released in recent years have made quite good box office results; At the level of "fusion" films, such works as "Hello, Li Huanying", "Me and My Motherland", "I'm not the God of Medicine" and other works focusing on the life stories of ordinary people have also received support from the audience.

What is worth mentioning separately is Wandering Earth, which is not only a milestone of Chinese science fiction films, but also a representative of the trend of "domestic heroes". If Americans were to take this story, it must be how the leading group achieved the breakthrough from the id to the superego, and how several elites saved the world. Although "Wandering Earth" is based on the Chinese rescue team, all the details of the film are about how people all over the world fight together. The scene of people from all over the world turning around and working together is the climax of the film. This is the "community of shared future for mankind", which is the pattern of Chinese people.
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